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Public Apperances, Photoshoots, Music Video Captures, Movie Screen Captures & More

Hey everyone. Huge update today! I’ve been working on this update for a while now and I am glad I finally got everything added. The gallery is all caught up now with all of Maya’s recent events, live performances, screen captures from her music videos, photoshoots, scans, screen captures from ‘Human Capital’, ‘Lady World’, and ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, screen captures from the short films ‘As They Slept’ and ‘Memory Xperiment: Kathy Acker’, and with stills from her upcoming film ‘Main Stream’.

Visiting SiriusXM, “To Love A Boy” Music Video Captures, Photoshoots & More

The gallery has been updated with pictures of Maya Visiting SiriusXM and the Today Show, with photoshoot additions, and with screen captures and pictures from Maya’s music video for “To Love A Boy”, and with pictures of Maya performing at The Sultan Room (credit to Jan Solatorio, Alex Setzer, and Savannah Lauren for the performance photos).

Gallery Links:
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0005 x Public Appearances > 2019 > Visiting the Today Show – 07.31.19
0162 x Music Career > Music Videos > “To Love A Boy” Music Video – Screen Captures
0006 x Music Career > Music Videos > “To Love A Boy” Music Video – Behind the Scenes and Stills
0006 x Photoshoots, Magazines, & Campaigns > Photoshoots & Portraits > 2019 > Photoshoot 009
0007 x Photoshoots, Magazines, & Campaigns > Photoshoots & Portraits > 2019 > Photoshoot 011
0001 x Photoshoots, Magazines, & Campaigns > Photoshoots & Portraits > 2019 > Photoshoot 008
0025 x Music Career > Live Performances > The Sultan Room – Brooklyn, NY – 08.21.19

“To Love a Boy” & “Stay Open” Singles Out Now + “To Love a Boy” Music Video

Check out Maya’s two singles “To Love a Boy” and “Stay Open”, as well as the music video for “To Love a Boy”. Maya has such a beautiful & lovely voice! I can’t wait to hear more of her music.

Actor Maya Hawke (“Stranger Things,” Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood) has shared a music video for her new song “To Love a Boy.” The visual features Hawke as a mermaid, seeking a man she can love as much as the sea.

“To Love a Boy” is the A-side from Hawke’s recently released debut single. Both “To Love a Boy”and the B-side “Stay Open” were written and recorded by Hawke and Jesse Harris (who has written for Lana Del Rey and Norah Jones, among others). You can hear Hawke’s “Stay Open” below.

Speaking with Pitchfork, Maya Hawke said of “To Love a Boy”:

After seeing the movie Call Me by Your Name for the second time, I left the theater and I was walking home to my apartment in Brooklyn, and I just started thinking about the images of water and the romantic feeling in that movie. I was just filled with this intense jealousy and desire be in love and feel that way. Then I wrote the lyrics to “To Love a Boy” as a poem, and I sent them to Jesse Harris, and he wrote that melody, and I loved it. It’s about this dream reality where you could love somebody in an all-consuming way, where it feels like when you’re swimming in the ocean on a hot summer day.

When I was brainstorming about the video, I started thinking about a mermaid coming ashore and wanting to love a boy as much as she loved the ocean. Then I decided the video would be more interesting if the love interest of the video was the ocean, and it was about her pursuit to get back to the ocean. I’m a professional actor, but I’m not a professional musician, so I wanted to do the whole thing really not professionally. So I spent all my own money to make the video and I had to rent the mermaid costume, which ended up being incredibly shitty, but in a way that I think is really funny.